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Commercial office cleaning services

Commercial Office Cleaning

True Building Maintenance offers professional commercial office cleaning services in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro areas.

Many people run into a situation in which they need to hire several different cleaning services in order to keep their organizations going. Hiring a one-stop cleaning service can make all the difference between a financial and a logistical perspective, and that is what we are able to offer our clients. Our team has decades of experience with office cleaning, commercial janitorial cleaning, and building maintenance.

All organizations need janitorial services, and we supply janitorial services to a wide range of different organizations. People looking for commercial janitorial cleaning office cleaning building maintenance will find that we can meet all of their needs if they live in any of the following locations:


By contracting our services, you will be able to make a positive impact in your work area while gaining knowledge, generating customers, saving money, enhancing credibility, creating alliances and increasing visibility. You can best safeguard your interests as we promote an environment that can maximize your investment, business potential, and profitability.

To schedule your office cleaning services, call us at 952-886-3000 or email at office@truebuildingmaintenance.com