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Health Facilities Cleaning

Our mission is to partner with healthcare professionals to prevent the spread of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs). We do that by taking the lead on research and innovation, and by continuing to create advanced aseptic techniques in healthcare cleaning.

  • Terminal Cleaning Program built on AORN (Association of pre-Operative Registered Nurses) and CDC (Center for Disease Control) standards and recommendations
  • Mandatory Training and Certification to ensure that Coverall Franchise Owners understand healthcare regulations, basic microbiology and chemistry, and the correct way to clean your facility with approved aseptic cleaning procedures to reduce the risk of HAIs
  • Risk Reduction Plan is included in our service to identify and correctly clean the critical control points throughout your facility that can transmit HAIs
  • Evidence-based, patent-pending system of aseptic cleaning is the only one in our industry that uses scientific measurement to prove its effectiveness
  • Extensive research and alliance relationships with industry leaders

The Importance of Environmental Cleaning

Healthcare-associated infections affect two million people annually, yet one third of those cases are considered preventable if proper infection control procedures are in place.

How Healthcare Facilities Are Cleaned

Aseptic Cleaning is unlike cleaning a standard work environment. True Building Maintenance personnel require proper training and education on critical and non-critical cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and must use advanced personal protective equipment (such as masks, gloves and gowns) while cleaning critical care areas where surfaces may be contaminated with infectious microorganisms.

Additionally, they must use proper Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved, hospital-grade cleaning and disinfectant products on all surfaces in any areas that may have become contaminated and must be cleaned and disinfected.

Terminal cleaning to immediately reduce microbial levels requires special attention to often overlooked, high-touch areas such as tables, phones, door handles, light switches, remote controls and computer keyboards, as well as to the top, front, sides, headboard, mattress, frame and side rails of patient beds. Terminal cleaning begins with the highest surface and cleans from the top down until every surface has been cleaned and disinfected.

Aseptic cleaning enhanced effectiveness due to the use of the advanced cleaning implements and chemistry technology available today including:

  • Microfiber technology in all cleaning cloths and mopping programs to improve soil and matter containment and removal
  • Flat-mopping technology to increase efficiencies, improve soil removal and further eliminate cross contamination with our no-dip methods
  • Only hospital-grade disinfectant chemistry is used in all cleaning compounds delivering the highest efficacy on the market today
  • HEPA multi-filtration, high-efficiency vacuuming technology providing air filtering down to .3 microns
  • Revolutionary “no touch” system for soil removal and containment provides results that exceed standards required for food contact surfaces