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Industrial & Warehouse Cleaning

True Building Maintenance (TBM) offers industrial cleaning services for all types of businesses, regardless of their size or complexity. Our industrial and warehouse facility maintenance services include, but are not limited to, distribution centers, manufacturing plants and labs. We use environment friendly cleaning methods, and we guarantee the best results.

Warehouse cleaning is an essential aspect of warehouse maintenance and warehouse leasing since it presents your warehouse in a positive way to prospective clients. The storage area you offer needs to be spic-and-span, which means that you need to opt for periodic cleaning at least four times a year, or when storing new products.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your work area also creates a safe and efficient workplace. Grease, dirt, clutter, and grime-free machines work more effectively, and with less malfunctions so you can achieve less downtime and better productivity. These large spaces require comprehensive cleaning that adheres to your schedule and safety standards. A clean environment will also improve the air quality for your employees. We take pride in being an environmentally friendly company – using eco safe products, tools, and machines in everything we do. Our trained professionals will provide you with the highest quality and friendly services. Since our beginning in 2002, we have been dedicated to our customers, suppliers and employees. Throughout the years we have continuously upgraded our systems and facilities, as well as the suppliers we proudly offer to our ever-growing customer base. TBM not only provides businesses with the level of expertise demanded to get the job done, but also is familiar with state law as it applies to businesses.

Those in need of a cleaning service in the Twin Cities area will find there are many benefits to choosing a professional company like ours. There are different chemicals used for all-purpose or general cleaning and others for industrial strength needs. A professional company understands these differences as well as the importance of following Environmental Protection Agency standards. As there are many rules and regulations that govern what type of products may be used as well as possible side effects, it is imperative that businesses hire companies that understand the possible hazards associated with necessary chemicals.

TBM cleaning services may include carpet cleaning, pressure cleaning, window cleaning services, and may extend to various equipment cleaning. A popular industrial cleaning service we also provide is power washing. Power washing may be one of the most sought after methods provided by a cleaning service.

Mold and mildew is not only unsightly, but it poses a serious health threat to workers. By using a professional cleaning service, commercial and industrial businesses may ensure they are rid of mold and mildew and have created a safe environment for all workers and customers. Our cleaning services not only keep your space looking great, but they can help increase productivity and efficiency. Airborne related illnesses are bad for business, as sick employees are not operating at full capacity. An industrial cleaning service can help ensure that employees remain in optimal health and have a safe environment in which to work. When employees remain healthy, sick days are decreased as well as the amount of workers’ compensation cases. By preventing widespread illness, businesses can increase the quality of their work as well as their total profits.

Our warehouse cleaning services are bound to transform your loading docks, sidewalks, and many other places in your warehouse. Regardless of the size or your warehouse or facility, TBM offers exemplary cleaning services that ensure the smooth running of your business in a clean environment. Our cleaning services don’t interfere with the activities of your warehouse or facility.

Call us today to discuss the fastest, most economical and best way to clean and restore your warehouse, commercial or industrial building the way you want to, under budget and on time. Call us at 952-886-3000 or email at office@truebuildingmaintenance.com