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Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurant Cleaning Services

We are particularly proud of our Restaurant Cleaning. Restaurants are important places to keep sanitary because they are a primary location for food preparation and consumption. Among restaurant cleaning companies, we feel True Building Maintenance has a lot to offer and we stand out from the rest in many ways.

Entry Way

The front entrance is the first thing your guests see when they enter your restaurant or nightclub. Clean windows, clean throw rugs and sparkling floors set the mood for a delightful time in a welcoming place where people care about how it looks and keep it looking nice, clean and inviting. This sets the stage in anticipation of a carefully prepared delicious meal and wait staff that will make their visit memorable. First impressions are most important.

“You never have a second chance to make a good first impression.” — We know this and help you welcome your guests properly.

Dining Room

The dining room is an important part of a restaurant because it is the room that all of the customers see. Restaurant cleaning companies agree it is crucial that the dining room be clean at all times, which is why TBM is always sure to do a thorough job with restaurant cleaning services. Our workers vacuum carpets, wash tables and chairs, scrub down walls, windows and doors and dust even the most hard-to-reach spots such as the tops of ceiling fan blades. True Building Maintenance even goes so far as to deep scrub the floors so there is no mistake about the facility’s state of cleanliness.

Restaurant Bathrooms

We keep the restaurant bathrooms nice and tidy. No one wants to wash their hands before eating wondering if they are really washing their hands or just picking up more bacteria. Sometimes employees wash their hands in the public restroom and are in a hurry. They can leave an unsatisfactory sink that is not up-to-par. As restaurant cleaners, we scrub the sinks until they are sparkling. Floors get swept and mopped while walls are hand washed. We also make sure there is plenty of soap and that the dispenser is appropriately stocked. Finally, we are always sure to change toilet paper rolls and garbage bags.

Kitchen Restaurant Cleaning

We clean the entire kitchen including stoves, ovens and overhead vents if requested. All mobile equipment is moved away from the walls before washing the floor and walls. Power washing is sometimes required when we come in to do a deep cleaning as everything is usually quite filthy from buildup over time. Your staff will notice the difference right away and everything that comes out of the kitchen seems to look, smell, and taste better.

Throughout history, there have been horror stories about business cleaning services. At True Building Maintenance, the workers we hire for cleaning restaurants and all other places of commercial business are professionally trained. They take pride in their work and take others’ places of business very seriously. You will not need to worry about damage to business equipment or property theft. The only material we take away when cleaning restaurants is the dust and grime you hired us for. We assure our customers that our property cleaning services use methods that will in no way affect the composition of food consumed on the premises. Our trained staff has years of experience cleaning restaurants and nightclubs. They have been trained regarding which chemicals should not be used and that is what makes us a leader in the field of restaurant cleaning companies.

We have restaurant cleaning clients around the Twin Cities region and suburbs, from Monticello and Elk River to Chanhassen and Apple Valley.

TBM aims to work around your schedule while tasked with restaurant cleaning services. To save you time and money, our restaurant cleaners will be sure to take on only the tasks that you’re interested in hiring us for. We charge based on frequency of cleanings and the services utilized. For more information, call TBM at 952-886-3000 or e-mail us at office@truebuildingmaintenance.com today.